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51% Beeswax Candles

Thank you so much for today’s podcast. A question arose, as I listened. Kyle, you made mention of using 51% beeswax candles for candlemas candle blessing. Can only 51% beeswax candles be used for candle blessing on Candlesmas? If so, does it mean that candles used that are less than 51% beeswax are less efficacious? When I have candles blessed, in general (throughout the year), they are made with 12% beeswax. Should I not be using these candles? Any details you can give me about this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Easter Friday Meat?

Do we abstain on Easter Friday? And I have always wondered too with the Friday after Christmas. Thank you, Cynthia

Judo prayer

Kyle I keep gearing Dr. Dan reference a judo prayer to be used in spiritual warfare, can you provide it please?

Enthronement to Sacred Heart of Jesus

Can you recommend a good source for obtaining the prayers for a traditional enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?


What is the prayer that is chanted after the Salve Regina on your podcast?